Выпрямление волос для мужчин

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26.07.2017 Fahid Zaied

You should be straight not your hair

24.07.2017 Yosef Bakali

Sorry to ask but are you gay or you just wanna act gay to let people make mean comments?

21.07.2017 Ak Go

Straight but you re hell not

20.07.2017 Ak Go


18.07.2017 Stone Cold Steve Austin


16.07.2017 snapple

Yeah you should try straight again. . .

14.07.2017 Smile More

Weird things about us certain men. Men with curly hair want straight hair. And men with straight hair want curly hair

11.07.2017 ICON VETRIX

Any straight guys here?

08.07.2017 Don't see o r read my my profile

His hair is in the middle. . Like real middle. . That look weird

07.07.2017 Jacobi Tyson

Yo what is the haircut style did u get

05.07.2017 zee star

You gay?

03.07.2017 E Israel Andrade E

Did anyone make a gay straight joke yet?

01.07.2017 LethalPhatGuy

Your hair is black and you dye your hair black uhhhh ok!

29.06.2017 Bhavesh Gunjal

Gay chutiye

28.06.2017 Bare Fadél

Still ugly

25.06.2017 Alaa k.alqisy

Ur mam so beautiful maybe i go to her to fix my hair

23.06.2017 Sahil Chhabra

Hey can i tie my hair after keratin treatment? Actually i wanted to make top knot hairstyle! Pls reply fast

21.06.2017 mohamed ajfaan

I would fuck your mom if get a chance

20.06.2017 Sahil Chhabra

My hair are too smooth because of which they fall down. Please guide my how to add voulme or puffynes to my hair?

18.06.2017 Lord Gamer


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